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Mustang Restoration

Your car or one of ours we are fully equipped to restore your mustang to any original standard you request. You don’t have a car? Choose one of ours and we will restore it to your specs and options with all the authenticity to make it original as the day it come from the factory. When the finished product come out the door it is assured to be an appreciatble asset for your future holding or resale.

Engine Restoration Service

Our Vintage engine 6 & 8 cylinder restoration service refreshes original motors to Ford factory specs like the day they were dropped into your chassis. We use high quality parts and processes to make the engine durable and better than the original. Engines can also be rebuilt to your requested specifications per; cam, pistons, rocker arms, etc. KC Motor Co. has in stock restored and refreshed vintage 289 V8 & 200 6 cylinder drop in engines refreshed for sale (call for availability). Contact us with your needs and questions, we are more than happy to discuss & plan your power train needs.

Vintage Transmission Restoration service

We restore and refresh Vintage manual and automatic Ford transmissions to original factory specifications. Updating when possible we restore the transmission to quality and strength. Transmission types are : 4spd manual Top loader, 3spd manual models, C4, C6 & Fmx Automatic .transmissions. Contact us with your questions and needs.

Vintage Rear Axel Restoration

Total rear axel restoration service using original and aftermarket parts where available. Total setup, cleaning & servicing as needed . Bring us your axel, we’ll make it like new. Contact us with your questions and needs. Vintage Mustang Parts Sales

Total coverage of parts for 64 ½ -73 mustangs with many in stock for shipping at great prices. All parts are new & reproduction of high quality. Contact us with your questions and needs.